Welcome to the Laity in Support of Retired Priests (LSRP).

We are a non-profit organization formed to understand the diverse issues of our diocesan priests in their retirement years, with the aim to enhance their lives through education and communication. Our mission strives to improve the quality of life for senior priests and bishops in all 50 states.

The need is clear.

Here are a few facts according to studies published by the National Federation of Priests' Councils (NFPC) and Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, Georgetown University (CARA):

  • The median annual pension for all retired (senior) diocesan priests is $18,149 (2007) whereas; the average cost of living for these senior priests is estimated to be $32,119 according to national sources
    • Social Security benefits for senior priests are minimal due to low annual incomes over their earning lifetime
    • Diocesan priests are independent contractors often paying both the employee and employer portion of the Social Security & Medicare taxes
  • There are 28,000 total diocesan priests in the U.S. with 3/4 of them still active 
  • In 2007, 25% of diocesan priests in the U.S. were 75 years or older
  • 50% of the all diocesan priest population still in active ministry expect to retire by 2019 or earlier.

Since its creation only five years ago, LSRP has made enormous strides toward realizing our goal of creating a brighter future for those who served:

  • Identified a model Transition Plan that addresses most concerns

  • Through a grant received from Retirement Research Foundation (RRF) of Chicago, LSRP identified a Beta Test site for the Transition Plan, and launched the test in Fall 2011.

If you are a senior priest or bishop and are interested in information on becoming a member of the LSRP, please click "Become a Member" on the Menu Bar (above.)